Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cleaning My Closet

My Old J Brand Skinny Jeans
A couple months almost passed since I had to throw away my favorite pair of jeans . A J Brand Skinny that I bought years ago and wore God knows how many times. . 

I realized that there are some items that I keep wearing over and over , but yet there are way too many things that I have not wore for quite  sometime .

A few days later I decided to go through all the stuff in my closed and made a decision. My closet needs a make over and need space for new things, so I  gave away all the things that are in good condition where I have not worn for over a year to charity.

It did not stop at this I even decided to renovate my whole room and get everything new from furniture to new flooring, new wall color , and the best part design a closet that can accommodate all the things I have with space for new stuff.  

The furniture and the new closet will be up very soon in my room and I just cant wait to go shopping for all new things pretty again.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Sacoor Brothers Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 Collection

Samarish Accessories Launch Party حفل اطلاق اكسسوارات سمارش

تينا والمصممة سمر المطوع

أطلقت المصممة سمر المطوع تشكيله الاكسسوارات المميزة لها والمستوحاه من التراث الكويتي والمعالم العالميه . كان الحفل مميز والذي اقيم في محل شوبوكس نيويورك فرع مول360 ومن تنسيق سيكس بي سي.