Sunday, 28 April 2013

Evans Live Unlimited

Live Unlimited is timeless, elegant and feminine collection by EVANS . It is a collection that celebrates curvier women with style and creates fashionable pieces that are not limited by size.

Coast New Occasion Wear

Coast has launched a new line of occasion wear consisting of Ballgowns and they are available in Kuwait, Coast Boutique in the Grand Avenues.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ingie Paris Opening

We received an invitation for the opening of the First ever Ingie Paris Boutique in the world and it is in Kuwait at The Avenues, Prestige . 

We are breaking some rules here ,  this brand is not a Highstreet brand , strictly Highend and we are loving it.

Ingie Chalhoub and her models in her designs .

Bright summery colors, feminine cuts, so classy and wearable. We pretty much loved the entire collection.  

Loved the giveaway a lot , beautiful star shaped earrings

W Boutique Opening This Week

Friday, 26 April 2013

ZARA Reversable Bomber Jacket

I loved this jacket the moment I saw it in ZARA ( Dubai ). It has beautiful Oriental inspired embroidery and can also be reversed to be be worn on the plain side. Unfortunately did not find my size otherwise I would have bought it.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Store Opening: Piel De Toro افتتاح محل

تم افتتاح بوتيك  بيل دي تورو في المرحلة الثالثة من الأفنيوز قسم سوكو يوم الأربعاء الماضي. حيث تخلل الحفل عرض للثور الأسباني ورقصات أسبانية أمتعت الحضور
Piel de Toro has opened at the Avenues (Soku) last Wedenesday with a Spanish bull show and Spanish dance which we all have enjoyed.
فيديو للرقصة الأسبانية

الماركة تصاميمها ذكرتني في بولو رالف لورين، لاكوست، هاكيت ولامارتينا بحيث تعتمد على اللبس الكاجوال خاصة البولو شيرت. بس الصراحة عجبتني موديلاتهم وألوانهم ورسماتهم أكثر من الماركات الثانية. المحل يوفر تشكيلة كبيرة من الملابس الرجالية والنسائية وملابس الأطفال
The style of the brand is casual/casual chic which reminded me of other similar brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Hackett & La Martina especially when it comes to polo shirts. But I honestly loved their designs and colours more than the other brands in the market. The store offers a huge collection of menswear, womenswear and kidswear.


لقطات ووجوه من حفل الافتتاح

المذيع عمار معرفي


العارضة يلدا


والضيافة كانت من لونوتر
And the catring was from LeNotre

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Roberto Cavalli Cafe افتتاح كافيه روبرتو كافالي

تمت دعوتنا لتجربه اطباق روبيرتو كافالي كافيه قبل الافتتاح الرسمي . يتميز الكافيه بتصميمه الفريد من الخارج والداخل واللي كل قطعه فية من اثاث او اواني وحتى الاضائة تدل على التصميم الفريد لكافالي وهو طبعات جلود الحيوانات. الجو العام حلو وهادي والاكل الحمدلله اللي اخترناه كنا موفقين فيه لذيذ وناطع ونشكرهم لانا فعلا استمتعنا بالوقت اللي قضيناه.

We were invited for a tasting at the opening soon Roberto Cavalli Cafe in The Grand Avenues. The design is so Cavalli the seating areas bear a signature design which is the animal prints. The place in general is so very calm and amazing. The menu is of course Italian and it took as a while to choose what to order, and lucky us all the dishes we ordered we liked a lot and would order again. Thank you for the owners and management for the delicious time we had .

Passion and Citrus

The welcome bread

Shrimp Caesar Salad

Crispy Risotto with Bolognese sauce

Carpaccio Di Manzo

Filetto Di Manzo , The Beef was cooked to perfection

Penne with Black Truffle

Petto d'Antara , Slow cooked duck breast. Loved how sweat and savory this dish at the same time
Creme Brulee

Semifreddo al torroncino its not ice-cream nor a cake , well you have to figure it out yourselves.

Cafe Manager Mr Lorenzo and Chef Stefano