Friday, 22 March 2013

Roma e Toska Event in Kuwait (P1)

A very unique event was held at the One Moment Please Boutique Alhamra Luxury  Mall. The designer of Romae e Toska herself was at the 3 day event to celebrate 10 years . Mrs Birgit - The designer - welcomed shoppers and passers by in the store with a warm smile and chatted about her passion for fashion and her latest collection the Rose Garden.

The brand is not a Highstreet brand in fact a well made Highend one and it is for kids and teenagers. Trendy, stylish, and modern the latest collection the Rose Garden is based on an 18th century  Garden , one can even see the roses and names on some of the pieces. 

 My personal favorite from the collection is the long coat available in green and red. The so elegant coat available in a size that I can wear ! . This piece is an investment piece that can be worn all year round and to many occasions. Dress it up as it is shown on the manikins with an elegant special occasion dress, or as I would wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and a simple white T-Shirt and pair it with heels, flats or even this year's biggest trend wich is the high top Sneakers.

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