Friday, 15 March 2013

Bliss Boutique

Bliss is a multi brand boutique opened recently in Burj Jassim . I passed by and was greeted by the wonderful owner herself Haya Alfassam . She was down to earth and we chatted a bit before I checked out the collections, and I have to say I loved every single piece and especially the Denim collection. 

foldable flats from Yosi Smara available in many colors

Denim , what's your favorite color.

For every pair of  Denim you buy  , you will get a stamp , collect seven (7) stamps and you get the eighth pair of Denim for free.
I bought a pair of Reversible Blulab denim ,a JBrand orange skinny and a Joe' Multi colored pair.

Bliss Boutique is located in Burj Jasssim , Basement . 

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