Thursday, 3 January 2013

How to Contour & Highlight Your Face

I've always been afraid of trying contouring myself cuz I thought only professionals can do it but after watching many Youtube videos I got confident. Here's the one I benefited from the most:

 I kept looking for contour sets similar to the one in the video that come with contouring powders (bronzer) and a highlighter but most beauty brands who used to make them like Smashbox stopped doing so and started selling them separately. So I bought Benefit's Watts up as a highlighter (which I loved better than Girl Meets Pearl) and Nars bronzer as a contouring powder and bought their contouring brush.

I heard also about MAC's sculpting cream but whenever I go to buy it they tell me it's sold out. It's a cream rather than a powder so it blends better with liquid foundation. Here's the collection:

How to contour by MAC

Kim Kardashian's contouring technique

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