Monday, 17 December 2012

VaVaVoom : Beauty & Beyond ( Part 1 )

We received an invitation last week from VaVaVoom to celebrate the launch of their Facebook page . I attended the event without my cousin Fatemah, because she is still in the UK for her studies , enjoyed it a lot. It actually changed my perspective about the whole beauty products making industry.

VaVaVoom has been around for almost ten ( 10 ) years now and I rarely went inside to check what they have!

Yes our blog is about fashion and all things related to it , but personally I do not remember when I actually bought make up or any skin care products , I even do not own any Lipstick!

The Lounge

If you want to know what is inside , then check part 3 of the post

Ok, enough about me and lets start our tour now and see what they offer :

Can you guess what these rooms are for ? 

 Have you ever bought skin care products, spent a fortune on them and then turned out to be not what you have expected them to be?  

Well if yes,VaVaVoom has a special skin care section where you get to try the products of the brand you wish to with the help of a specialist. All you need to do is ask , and don't worry its Free!

A section at VaVaVoom I couldn't take pictures of is The Men Saloon ( Barber Shop )  Yes Guys there is one inside.

To be Continued.

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