Friday, 28 December 2012

Best of 2012: Blushes

I used to hate putting on blushes cuz of my natural pink cheeks, but later on I found out that my pink cheecks don't always match my outfit or the season colours! So I decided to use blushers. The first ones I've tried were Estee Lauder's but didn't like them cuz they are very rich in colour and don't smudge well so they don't look natural.

So I tried Benefit since it was recommended by many people and their Dallas blush was the first Benefit I've used, and after using it I got obsessed with the brand. I should become their brand ambassador!

They have a big selection of blushes with new ones each year. They have pinks, beige, bronze, orange among others. Here are my fav:

They also have cheek/lip tints that are great for daily use. I currently use Benetint (Rose) but only on the cheeks cuz I've noticed when I use it on my lips daily they get dry & itchy.

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