Friday, 28 December 2012

Best 2012 Beauty Products: Lip Glosses

I remember when I was in highschool I was obsessed with lip glosses. I nearly tried everything! So here's the verdict:

1- L'Oreal:

I've been using these lip glosses since forever. They come in different colours & shimmers, some colours are even weird!

They also have 6h lip gloss which is supposed to stay on for 6 hours. It did stay longer than the original one but I'm not sure it lasted for 6hrs!

L'Oreal cosmetics are available at Boots & Debenhams

2- Dior Addict:

If you want something more luxurious, glamourous and has as much colour as a lipstick, Dior is definitely the best choice.

They used to have lip glosses with light colours, shimmer, balm and smelled like candy but I guess they don't make them anymore. I got them long time ago from duty free so they might be exclusive.

 Dior is available in most big beauty stores like Vavavoom, Debenhams amonng others.

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