Saturday, 6 October 2012

Chi Nail Bar تشي للعناية بالاظافر

It has been a while since I got my nails done , I decided to get a Mani and Pedi at a new place in K-town called Chi Nail Bar located at Olympia Mall . I found out about it from Instagram frankly and the feedback from the customers encouraged me to try it . I arrived at time and was greeted by the lovely smiley  staff , the place is nice  and clean. I sat in my station - a massage chair - and chose a classic Mani and Pedi. I enjoyed the time I had and the work done and will definitely be back . 

I chose dark Purple base and Dark Navy Blue for the french tips.

Follow them on Instagram @chi_nailbar and when you book an appointment show them the promotion they have on their page and you get 15% off the total of your bill, offer valid till end of October.

سوولهم فولو عالانستاغرام  وصوروا العرض الخاص بشهر اكتوبر  وتورونه لموظفه الاستقبال عشان تحصلون على 15% خصم 

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