Friday, 31 August 2012

Jorge Bischoff أحذية جورغ بيشوف

These designs are available at Jorge Bischoff at the Avenues first floor.

Swarovski bracelet vs. Zoppiniأساور شواروفسكي و زوبيني

Swarovski look a likes available at Zoppini (the Avenues & Olympia)

Tiffany & Co. vs. Zoppiniمفاتيح تيفاني ومفاتيح زوبيني

Tiffany Keys

Zoppini Keys

Zoppini is located at the Avenues first floor and at Olympia.

Fall Trends 2012 موضة خريف 2012

Here are this Fall's biggest five trends:

Berry colours


Oriental embroidered jackets

Military style

Futuristic textiles

For video click here.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Parfois & Springfield محل بارفوا ومحل سبرينغفيلد

It's been over a year I haven't visited AlKout Mall in Fahaheel. I went there yesterday to buy chocolate truffles from Hotel Chocolat. I searched the mall but couldn't find it! It's either I didn't see it cuz it was crowded (hopefuly) or because it closed down. I noticed two stores that I have not seen before. One is Parfois specialized in women's accessories & the other Springfield specialized for urban clothings.

MCM & Coccinelle حقائب ام سي ام و كوتشينيل

MCM, Coccinelle & Blu Girl handbags and accessories are available st Jashenmal (AlKout, Burj Humood & airport). Here are some of the designs I loved:

Trinkets Jewellry Shop محل ترينكتس للمجوهرات

Trinkets the multi-brand store is one of my favourite fashion jewellery stores in Kuwait. It's located at The Avenues & AlKout among other locations. Brands that you'll find in the store include Nina Ricci, Joop!, Smalto, Esprit, Paul & Joe, Dyrberg/Kern, Fontenay and others.

Shopping Malls in Al-Aqila مجمعات العقيلة

Al-Bairaq Mall البيرق is one of the first malls to open in Al-Aqila العقيلة  followed by Awtad أوتاد, Al-Laiwan, Al-Noukhitha  النوخذة among others. Also, two new malls are still being built.

Al-Bairaq is the best among them with cinemas, famous brands stores (New Look, Next, H&M, Go Sport..etc) in addition to Centerpoint.

Al-Laiwan has Geant, X-Cite, Maxx, Baroue & other stores.

Awtad has Al-Nasser Sports, Beidoun, Sanafir bookstore among others.

Al-Noukhitha consists of 3 seperate malls specialized in textiles, mobile phones, bargains, & low cost clothings.

Here are some picks:

Al-Laiwan Mall مجمع الليوان في العقيلة

I heard about Al-Laiwan Mall opening in Al-Aqila near Al-Bairaq Mall. So we went to check it out. It has X-Cite (Alghanim), Geant hypermarket & many clothing brands but most of them are NOT famous international brands. It reminded me of Al-Muhallab. I liked the 2nd floor which was dedicated to children. It has Baroue with a big party & play area, AlShanakil toy shop & Casper themed play area.In addition to that a small food hall including McDonalds is available.