Thursday, 17 May 2012

Now Open: AlBustan Mall

It's been ages I did not shop in AlBustan Mall. If I go there it would be for Bread Talk or Cafe Supreme. This time I decided to check it around, and here's what I've found:

Fashion Corner (A store for men selling Polo Ralph Lauren and other brands)

All Morgan stores closed down except for this one although I don't think the clothes sold inside are Morgan! Check next photo to see what I mean

The name of this store is Kookai/Guess but what is inside doesn't say so! It's a shop for wigs and salon products!

Magic Giant (a cute shop selling cartoon characters and other stuff)

Good Feet (shoe shop) and Caramello (a cafe and juice bar)

Beauty Box (Makeup store)

Big Smoke (Cigar shop)

El Copano Cafe (upper floor)

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