Saturday, 19 May 2012

Down Town Expo

Yesterday My Sister-in-Law and I went to checkout the Down Town Expo, we went there early yet the hall  was pretty crowded and it even took us while to get a parking space.

Frankly we did not find many interesting booths because simply they had nothing Authentic to offer nor Ideas or products- at least the ones we checked , I was surprised that many sold Knock-offs for crazy prices. We did not go through each and every booth because of the crowds some people just stand in one place and don't give others to checkout what the booth offers, so sorry if we missed any of the interesting things.

If you are looking for a Dara'aa for Ramadan or Gergeaan outfit for your kids you might find a couple of interesting ones  and here are some of the stuff of we found that had some original products that we thought worth sharing.

Brown Diamond:
Brown Diamond By Aisha Aljenaei

I loved that they only had one simple Item to sell, it was a chocolate based sweet with marshmallow and biscuits and it was really yummy.

The large box contains 1/2 Kilo for KD6 and the small boxes are used for giveaways for parties and events.
 To Place your order  Call: 97767111, Twitter @browndiamond2.


La Perla Moda:

La Perla Moda
A booth with very beautiful well crafted accessories and are very affordable - sorry for the not so good picture - the place had a great number of shoppers. You can Visit their own Boutique located at Hotel IBIS Omniya Center at Salem Almubarak Street. 

Tel: 9663772, 66568223


This Booth has strange hand crafted items, such as accessories ( bracelets, earrings, rings ...etc) shoes and bags all studded  with Spikes and Studs to Iphone and Ipad covers also spiked up they even can add them to any piece off clothing one has to add a personal touch on them.

Galaxy note and Ipad  spiked Covers

I got this spiked cover for my Iphone
For more M.Pearls designs follow them on:
Instagram: @m_pearl
Twitter: @Mpearl2012


Mariam Alkandari Crochet:

All hand made baby essentials made to order by a talented Kuwaiti girl.

For more designs and how to order follow Mariam on Instagram @mariam_alkandari

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