Friday, 16 March 2012


Shoeshebar is an accessories specialized boutique located in Salhiya M1 especially leather goods. The boutique sells a high quality Italian brand called Carbotti  with a wide variety of their handbags in different sizes and colors. The bags are a high-end look a likes for an amazing price without the need to break the bank and make good choice for gifts too.

To Know more about Carbotti  Handbags visit their website HERE

This is my favorite piece on display

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  1. Shoe'She'Bar09/05/2012, 22:53

    Dear Tina,

    We really thank you for your honest review and your amazing posts for Shoe'She'Bar.

    Indeed we have started in 2009 a new Multi-branded Concept and it is doing very well thanks to our loyal customers.

    We just would like to clarify that we are the official agent for Carbotti Leather Bags (Italy)and we resell their products exclusively in our shop, as they design them without any customization from our side.

    So we regret to inform you that customization as mentioned in your post is not possible at least for the near future.

    Carbotti designs are CLASSIC leather bags and hand made in Italy. Some models are inspired from well known brands but as you said less expensive.

    We thank you again and we hope you will visit us regularly as we always bring new ideas and collections.

    Kind Regards,
    Shoe'She'Bar Management

    1. Thank you for your clarification :) , the sales lady at the boutique told me ''we make bags if you want one we can make it for you '' and gave me the E-mail. I guess I just misinterpreted her