Thursday, 15 March 2012

Just Bought: From Salhiya (P1)

Before anyone calls me a  hypocrite, yes I did go shopping at Salhiya and I spent only KD 55 on Two Items and this is how it happened.
Today was like any other day for me getting up early , and dressed fast so I do not get late for work that is unfortunately for me located just a five minute walk from Salhiya :'(. Since my cousin Fatemah started the blog , I have been more lets say - sensible - with my spendings I actually think twice before I spend my entire salary on a high-end designers bag or a pair of heels .
I thought to myself  there has to be something that my bank account agrees on in that mall , so I went there and headed strait to M1 , well because I bet everyone knows what the ground floor beholds- sigh. 
My first stop was Elite store ( Not the Elite Models store - it used to be ) it was packed with pretty items from various brands, I love the cotton tops in which are really cool for the hot summer we have in Kuwait , but they were a bit pricy . 
I looked at the accessories table and it was full of cool belts, thin or wide, with studs or embellishments and even neon colored ones. I bought a skull studded one for Just KD 6, yes six Kuwaiti Dinars only!.

Studded Belts
Neon Belts

The Belt I Bought


  1. Cool belt cousin! looks like Alexander McQueen!

    1. Thanks Dear,
      Exactly the first thing that cam up to my mind , it screamed McQueen.