Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Red Carpet: SAG Awards

The 18th SAG (Screen Actor Guild) Awards took place last month. Here are the best and the worst dresses on the red carpet.

She looks like a Marvel character with this dress!

Angelina, your best accessory is Brad!

The pendant is so wrong!


Love the colour but I'm not sure about the dress

Not appropriate for her age

What is the white tank doing there?!

One of the best dresses


I wish the red carpet wasn't red so that this dress is seen better!

Ashley Simpson looks amazing

Not for your body shape

This dress is meant for busty women. It looks so wrong here

LOVE the Versace dress but I'm not sure she's sexy enough to wear it!

Love the dress, hate the shoes!

Amazing for a curvy woman!

The bottom is too much but love the colour

One of the worst dresses. Who wears florals for awards ceremony?

Why???? I love you, so please don't do this again!

You gotta be kidding! Worst dress!



Viola looks amazing although I'm not a fan of white on the red carpet

Love the details in the dress

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