Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012 Fashion

Here are best and worst dressed at the 2012 Golden Globes.

If it was longer it would've been better

What the..?

Adorable, although I prefer short dresses on her

If she didn't tan that much she would've looked better

Hate it

Too fluffy


Is that a wedding dress?


One of the worst dresses

Too much going on at the bottom

What colour is that? Mustard?

You're in Fashion Police, you have to be more careful!

Is that a bed sheet with ink spilled all over it and then turned into a dress?

Amazing colour

Too covered. If it was sleeveless it would've been much better

It look that bad live

I can only imagine a sexy model wearing that like maybe Gisele Bundchen

Finally someone wears colour block beautifully, but the eagle in the belt is a bit too much

Oh no!

I'm kinda disappointed cuz she can do better

Is the dress ripped or is it my imagination?

Next time, let you daughter Kelly help you choose a dress

Last year she wowed us with her dress but disappointed us this year

Is that foil?

Charlize Theron looks amazing in anything she wears. Best dress!


Feathers & fish scales? Are we in a zoo?


This dress looks so wrong as if she has a huge behind!


Too simple for Golden Globes. She's so beautiful she can wear whatever she wants, so why choose this one?

I love the light lavender colour on her and I love how her shoulders  are covered. Perfect for her body shape!

Very beautiful for her age

One of the best dresses

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