Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Red Carpet: The BAFTA Awards Fashion

I watched the BAFTA awards (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) live on Sunday and I realized how much the British actresses are less aware of fashion compared to American actresses. Here are some of the dresses they wore.

Lose the necklace!

If she's pregnant then I wouldn't say anything

Gary Oldman's wife looks amazing

Colour block for the red carpet? I don't think so!

Too much going on

one of the worst dresses

Meryl Streep wearing Vivienne Westwood

We saw Octavia stealing the red carpet at the Golden Globes and the SAG awards but this one is not a winner. Too simple for a red carpet. 

I like the dress but not the hair

Viola Davis rocked the red carpet. This is one of the best dresses

The new James Bond girls. Berenice looks so beautiful but Naomie, it's too soon for yellow.

What can I say? No comment!

Brad Pitt so chic!

Honestly, I've never seen Chritsina Ricci in something pretty! Always wrong choices, wrong hair, wrong makeup!

One of the best dresses

Cute Fearne Cotton wearing Moschino


The dress would look better on someone taller

Whose funeral is it?

One of the best dresses but I wish it was less shiny .

Very simple, very chic. She played it safe.

Very beautiful but the colour makes it look like a wedding rather than a red  carpet!

Micheelle Williams looking great

Nice dress, awful colour! Too summery!

Hideous! are the flowers meant to be stuck in the dress or did it happen by mistake?

It look exactly like a baby shower dress!

Too much going on it hurts my eyes!

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