Thursday, 29 December 2011

Wish Upon A Star: A&F, Hollister & Jack Wills

Who does not Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister? They are so huge in the US and the UK and many youth were wearing them in Kuwait too. But many people don't know the secret! Well, the secret is the type of reception you get in store! At the door of A&F you will find a topless hot guy with jeans who you can take a photo with. At the door of Hollister (but not in all branches) you will find two hot guys wearing beach clothes welcoming you. It is known that these two stores only recruit good looking people! Now you know the secret why many teens (especially girls) are obsessed with them! If that's what's keeping them from coming to Kuwait, then I advice them to skip the 'good looking employee' part!

A similar brand is Jack Wills, which is British, however, it is similar in the clothing line and not the hot guys! So you find it less attractive among teens!

A&F from the inside

Hollister from the outside (looks like a beach house)

Jack Wills logo

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