Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Fashionpedia: Shoes Styles

There are lots of confusing shoe styles. Here's some explanation:

Ballerina: From the name you can guess that they look like ballet shoes but not necessarily as flexible as the ballet shoes.

Gucci ballerina

Moccasin/Loafer: casual comfy flat shoes.
Prada moccasin

Wedge: The heel of the wedge goes from the toe to the hell in a triangular shape.
Burberry wedge

Platform Pump: A shoes with heels

Brian Atwood platform pump
Slingback: Similar to the pump but open from the back

Brian Atwood slingback

Peep Toe: Similar to the platform pump but with an opening in the front.
Brian Atwood peep-toe

Sandal: Can be flat or with heels

Zanotti sandal

Valentino flat sandal

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