Friday, 18 April 2014

IsaDora (P2)


The IsaDora  event was on Monday Apr. 14th . I had the chance to meet Mr. Stephan and even have my makeup done by him. 

I loved the simplicity of the colors he chose, something I hardly see the Arab artists do.

I would like to thank Mr Stephan and Habchi & Chalhoub for this amazing makeup makeover.



IsaDora (P1)

IsaDora a Swedish beauty specialized brand founded in 1983. The search for new  colors,  quality, packages,  unperfumed products and even  affordable beauty products were behind the establishment of this IsaDora.

We received a invitation from Habchi & Chalhoub. The invitation came with a package full of the best IsaDora makeup to meet non other than  Stephan Ulvund Øien IsaDora's makeup artist.

 The Package contained the following:


Steve Madden Backpack

I passed by Steve Madden Boutique at The Avenues and found this cool  on trend backpack that looks like a Chanel one. This bag was only for KD25 and could not resist not to take it .

Backpacks are a huge trend this year and they are a must have.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

L'Occitane Skin Hydration Test

L'Occitane invited us to try the new Shea products for dry skin. They gave us first a skin  hydration test before trying the products, and I came with 50% only . My skin needs more care as it showed then they gave me a free trial of the Shea scrub , hand lotion and the nails oil which I really liked .

You can visit any branch get your skin tested and even try some of the products to find what exactly suits your skin before spending a fortune on products that you will not use.

Great products that suit every skin , and hair make wonderful gifts for your loved ones. Countless options for both men and women available.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Damiani Jewelry At The Avenues مجوهرات دامياني بالافنيوز

دعتنا الاسطورة مع مجموعه من المدونات للتعرف على بوتيك دامياني للمجوهرات الفرع االجديد في برستيج الافنيوز. قضينا وقت ممتع بمناقشة اخر اخبار الموضة والتدوين مع وجبه خفيفه وبعدها شفنا اخر تشكيله للمجوهرات بالبوتيك. ختمناها بمفاجأة مروة من بمدونه نيوبرايد بعيد ميلادها

البوتيك يضم تشكيله منوعه تناسب جميع الاذواق والمناسبات وحتى الميزانيات.

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